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ccCrosses Story  


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Colleen Cahill Studios Information

ccCrosses Story
"It was during this time of re-discovery that I found myself searching for my divine purpose.  I realized during my leisure time that I had unknowingly begun to shoot images of crosses.  I took these images and created a new division of my current company.  My intent is to use my God given talent as an artist and a photographer, to bring to light the crosses’ spiritual presence in a visual format."  

Colleen's latest theme for her amazing series of photographs are called,

Crosses...Images that whisper...quietly, patiently, faith waits for us to see

ccCrosses Photographic Greeting Cards
The first Product Line, ccCrosses Greeting Cards, fills a void in the Christian and Spiritual Retail Market for high quality Photographic Artwork that appeals to a market that has been brought up expecting a richer Digital Media Experience not currently found in the Greeting Card market other than with online, e-Mail Greeting Cards.

Knowing that selecting great partners is the key to long-term success in this marketplace, ccCrosses selected Lithtex Printing. for all printing of the Photographic Greeting Card series. They are well known and experienced in the Greeting Card and Stationary Printing marketplace, as their first partner to launch their series of Greeting Cards.   

To offer convenience and affordability, all ccCrosses Greeting Cards are available for purchase through their website www.cccrosses.com. Now any Spiritual and Christian Greeting Card retailers can order from over 80 of the finest quality Photographic Greeting Cards. Through the website, they can quickly and easily tailor their orders to suit their market, track their orders, and manage their accounts. This highly secure website was built using top e-Commerce experts, WSI and PayPal to ensure a high quality experience and to provide the very best in security. 

Provide the Christian Greeting Card customer with a unique and exclusive selection of inspirational, Gallery quality Photograph Greeting Cards. Each Photograph, taken by 25 year professional Photographer Colleen Cahill, points the way to God by capturing cross images found in our world around us. Each Photograph is taken and developed according to the highest professional standards and through the eyes of a true artist to evoke the greatest emotion.

Why ccCrosses

  • ccCrosses Greeting Cards are intentionally designed for what research says that 76% of Christian Card Senders are looking for-Greeting Cards that evoke an inspirational message of encouragement, joy and hope
  • Expansive Gallery of over 80 art quality, limited edition, Photograph Greeting Cards
  • All products are made individually using the finest materials available
  • Photograph Greeting Cards have the advantage of capturing inspirational scenes that contain more details and relevancy of our world around us than any other medium can achieve
  • Each Photograph is developed professionally to maximize the use of color, subtle shading, and accentuating details that communicate a highly personal and powerful spiritual message tailored to the occasion of choice
  • Each Greeting Card is intentionally left blank inside so the Card Sender can personalize to suit any occasion
  • The back of each Greeting Card has inspiring details about the Photographer, the Cross Image and unique thoughts all designed to assist the Card Sender personalize their Card


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